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Plastics and design - what will the future be?

Day one I 24 October 2016

10.00  Registration and networking
10.30  Welcome and introduction
Chris Lefteri, Director, Chris Lefteri Design Ltd.
David Eldridge, Editor, Plastics News Europe

Automotive & Transportation

10.40  Giving the technologies a must-have outfit - linking technology, use and design
Hilke Schaer, Senior Consultant Fibre composites in Visual Applications, BMW
Pushing the limits of technologies and combining them
Using textile structures for 3D forms
Integrating functional features
11.10  New challenges, new opportunities
Geert Jan Schellekens, Sr. Manager Industrial Design-Global Technology Automotive,  SABIC

• Addressing global trends and industry challenges with inspiring solutions and collaborative innovation in the automotive industry

• With emphasis on the importance of holistic design, SABIC will highlight its continued focus on joint development of global solutions, from concept to production, in close cooperation with all value chain partners


11.40  How will autonomous vehicles impact the future design of the car interior?
Peter Fuß, Senior Advisory Partner Automotive, Ernst and Young
The Car will become the 3rd living and working environment
How can future car interior merge reality and virtual design?
Can plastics design cope with the trend to more flexible/adjustable car interior in connection with car sharing?
12.00  Refreshment break and networking


12.30  Low cost/high value - creative ways to design with plastic at every price point
Daniel Liden, Design Manager, Lenovo
Explore creative strategies for designing with plastics using examples from the consumer electronics industry
Taking a closer look at three key areas - raw material, forming and finishing 
Using case studies and invite participants to share insights and suggestions to provoke fresh ideas and new directions 
12.50  'Material-Led' Design approach in consumer electronics
Brian Min, Senior Colour & Material Designer, Microsoft Surface
  • Understand what ‘material and process-led’ design approaches are in the consumer electronics industry
  • How designers creatively use them with polymer materials
  • Case studies & examples from products in the market
13.10  Mass volume affordable mouse
Brian Stephens, Founding Designer & CEO, Design Partners
  • Sharpening and re-energising Logitech’s product line
  • Building customer loyalty at affordable price point
  • Designing for economies of scale
  • Colour, materials, tooling and assembly strategy
  • Team work and how everyone played their part
  • Project results and impact on the business
13.30 Panel Discussion: Where is the future of materials in consumer products when brands are focused on the digital user experience - the fight between the virtual and the physical?
Chris Lefteri, Director, Chris Lefteri Design Ltd.
Daniel Liden, Design Manager, Lenovo
Brian Min, Senior Colour & Material Designer, Microsoft Surface

Design & colour

14.00  Color trends 17/18
Doreen Becker, Global Color Strategist, A. Schulman
Presents current and future trends for global colour and technical trends illustrated by 4 different trend sections and stories
Each story will feature future trend colors, trend-relevant materials such as new polymers and coatings 
Every section will highlight specific markets such as mobility, personal care and packaging, architectural, appliances, consumer electronics and sports home and leisure products. 
Different geographical regions for each section will also be highlighted


14.20  Applying human factors and usability engineering to medical devices
Steve May-Russell, Managing Director, Smallfry Industrial Design & Innovation Strategy
  • Designing to optimise the user's experience
  • Why it's easy to get it so wrong while thinking you've got it right!
  • How to create your advocates and champions
  • How do you capture what really matters?
  • Making sure you're managing the risks
  • Effectively checking your assumptions
Closing remarks


Day two I 25 October 2016

10.00  Registration and networking
10.30  Welcome and introduction
Chris Lefteri, Director, Chris Lefteri Design Ltd.
David Eldridge, Editor, Plastics News Europe


10.40  The latest in Material Innovation
Katharine Pulford , Head - Colour Materials & Design, Logitech
  • Design culture at Logitech
  • Key internal collaborations with Engineering and Sourcing teams
  • Design trends
  • K780 Material development process (speckled elastomer)

11.10  Designing innovative materials solutions
Rebecca Heil, Manager-Idea.Lab, Covestro   
As a young company, Covestro is curious, courageous and colorful, which is why we experiment with new approaches to material research
We believe in design having an impact on chemistry and want to push boundaries by involving designers into our innovation process
Sharing our newest materials with creative minds from diverse disciplines helps to speed up development processes – and even more importantly helps to connect and co-create
11.40  OEM’s SME’s or investors and product development: different approach, same goal: making money
 Oscar Brocades Zaalberg, M.Sc. Founder and Owner, BPO-Netherlands
  • What are the differences in approach regarding product development for OEM’s, SME’s and inventors/investors
  • Different approach but same goal, how to ride that route
  • Risks, challenges and pitfalls for each of them
  • 3 cases:        -   OEM: Samsonite, we co-developed the lightest suitcase on earth

-      SME: big project, big invest, big gain

-      Inventor: great product but also great timing

12.00  Refreshment break and networking

Research & technology 

12.30  Digital crafts: a new relationship between designers and plastics
Aart van Bezooijen, Professor for Materials and Technology Transfer (Burg Material), 
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
New Tools: 3D-Printing, Laser-Cutting, Robotic Fabrication
New Materials: Reuse and Recycling, Do-It-Yourself, Bio-Based Materials
New Methods: Local Resources, Experimental Design, Self-Production
New Markets: Crowdfunding, Circular Economy, Bio-economy


12.50  Designing next generation plastic parts with innovative self-healing engineering plastic
David Pascual, Global Market Segment Manager-Industrial Engineered Polymers, Lubrizol Advanced Materials 
A case study demonstrating creative ways of designing next generation eyewear with unique self-healing engineering plastic which not only provide overall lower system cost, but also enhance performance
Achieving overall lower system cost while enhancing performance in piano black color application, requiring stringent performance attributes
New self-healing material solving problems of parts rejects because of the scratches occurred during manufacturing, reducing parts failure during usage because of chemical exposure, eliminating coating step, lowering energy usage and enhancing design of freedom by enabling wider selection of pigments and part geometries
13.10  Old materials for a new world
Casper van der Meer, Industrial Design Engineer/Co-founder, Better Future Factory
Consider the recyclability of the materials from which the product or packaging is made
Minimize the different types of materials used and, if possible, move to a single material product
Look at how the materials are fixed together
13.30  Dont call it design thinking - the BASF designfabrik
Andreas Maegerlein, Team Leader-Designfabrik, , BASF
  • 10 years of successful material consultancy by the designfabrik
  • Why and more important, how to cooperate with BASF as a designer
  • Introduction to the development of a conceptual office chair
  • The team UP chair: best practice example for the perfect unity of design and material in process
13.50  Panel Discussion - Material led design

Moderator: Chris Lefteri, Director, Chris Lefteri Design Ltd.


Erik Haastrup Muller, FounderFutation

Aart van Bezooijen, Professor for Materials and Technology Transfer (Burg Material), Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Doreen Becker, Global Color Strategist, A. Schulman

14.30  Chair summary of the conference


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