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Design Chain @ K

In collaboration with the K 2013 organisers, Crain Communications UK Ltd, are pleased to announce a new  two-day conference to be held at the prestigious K 2013 at Messe Düsseldorf on the 21-22 of October 2013.

The Crain Communications conference ‘Design Chain @ K’ will include  a breadth of sessions offering an insight into the practical and technical innovation aspects of the Design Chain in today’s plastics arena.   

Looking not only at the designer’s use of plastics, but also the manufacturing, supply chain and project management issues that product designers have to deal with. Discussions will be based around case studies of design and manufacturing projects and will include presentations by designers and their material partner in the design project which will reflect the Design Chain process, thereby offering both designers and material companies the opportunity to showcase their use of materials in innovative design for a variety of product sectors and industries.

Design is an increasingly important vertical to the plastics market, as manufacturing is increasingly influenced by design and technology is enabling faster development within both sectors.  Polymer is the most widely used material within the design community, the correct plastic material choice is vital to the outcome of the product design.  As such product designers need to be well informed of the different applications and advantages, as well as the future possibilities and developments currently available.


Taking place at the K Fair.

First floor, CCD, SUD Pavillion, Room 15.



Throughout the two days the conference will examine the drivers for material choice and use by designers within multiple industry sectors (list not exhaustive):

  • The automotive sector and the need for lighter, more sustainable vehicles.
  • The use of tougher and more resilient materials in the construction industry.
  • How materials are chosen for their durability in the consumer products environment.
  • How materials have been used to ensure accurate results and ease of use by the health conscious home user.
  • In the medical sector doctors and designers are constantly looking for more durable and effective product design with safety in mind for both the patient and medical professional.
  • Packaging is constantly evolving with new materials specific to product requirements and particularly recycling.
  • Aerospace engineers are continuing to replace metals with thermoplastics to help reduce weight and aid simplification of designs, thereby improving fuel efficiency, and reducing assembly and manufacturing times.



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